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The Online QR-code menu for your business

The service is a modern, simple to use Online QR-code Menu for your business that allows your customers to browse your menu using their mobile device. Speed up your operations, reduce contact and keep your menu "fresh" with easy updates that allow your customers to always see the latest version!

Simple and easy

Simplicity is our main focus. That’s why neither you nor your customers need to install an application. Just set up your menu and you are ready to go.

Free to use

It is currently free to use, both for you and your customers. There are no costs for all of our free features! Soon we will release our paid for packages so stay tuned!

Customer friendly

Designed for the non-tech-savvy user, the customer scans the QR Code and directly views your menu online.

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On the fly, instant updates

Everything gets updated in real-time. As soon as you make a change it is immediately visible! No need to wait for new printed menus or PDF uploads!

Try it out!

View an online Demo

Scan the QR code or click on the link below to see how your customers would see your fully dynamic menu!

Create your own

Create your own online QR code menu in just a few clicks. All you need is a Google or Facebook account.

Pricing and features

You can sign up to our Free or Premium packages and get access to the features and functionality that you need for your Business!



QR code generation

Up to 3 menus

Unlimited categories and items

Easy item and price updates

Prices in your local currency

Theme and color your menu

Add a Photo of your place


€ 20 / month


€ 200 / year

Everything from the Free package


Unlimited menus

Welcome message

Contact details

Opening hours

Social media links

Photos of your items

Specialised Wine categories

Specialised Beer categories

Multiple languages for your menu 

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