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The modern, easy to use online menu for your business

Our features allow you to build a menu that you can update in real time. Flexible, modern and customisable it has the functionality you need to upgrade your menu.

The service is a modern Online QR-code Menu that everyone can browse on their mobile, tablet or desktop. Speed up your operations and keep your menu "fresh" with easy updates that allow your customers to always see what's currently available!

Simple and easy

Simplicity is our main focus. That’s why neither you nor your customers need to install an application. Just set up your menu and you are ready to go.

Speed up your operations

Never keep your customers waiting for a menu again. With the online version your customers can instantly decide what they would like to order next! 

Customer friendly

Designed for the non-tech-savvy user, the customer scans the QR Code and directly views your menu online.

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On the fly, instant updates

Everything gets updated in real-time. As soon as you make a change it is immediately visible! No need to wait for new printed menus or PDF uploads!

Try it out !

See the features and menus live by visiting one of our Demos. You can choose from the premium Online menu or the enhanced Online menu that also allows you to receive email orders from your customers. 

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Get started today

It only takes a few moments to get started plus you get 30 days of Free Premium+ on us!

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