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Choose the right package for you and your business

Compare the 3 available packages and select the one that best suits you and your business. Take advantage of the Yearly saver packages or use our Monthly subscriptions for flexible management.


Pricing and features


QR code generation

Up to 3 menus

Unlimited categories and items

Easy item and price updates

Prices in your local currency

Theme and color your menu

Add a Photo of your place


€ 20 / month

€ 200 / year

All features from Free

Unlimited menus

Welcome message

Contact details

Opening hours

Social media links

Photos of your items

Specialised Wine categories

Specialised Beer categories

Multilingual support


€ 40 / month

€ 400 / year

Everything from Free

Everything from Premium

Email orders from your menu

Get started today

It only takes a few moments to get started plus you get 30 days of Free Premium+ on us!

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