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Choose the right package for you and your business

Compare the 3 available packages and select the one that best suits you and your business. Take advantage of the Yearly saver packages or use our Monthly subscriptions for flexible management.


Pricing and features


QR code generation

Up to 3 menus

Unlimited categories and items

Easy item and price updates

Prices in your local currency

Theme and color your menu

Add a Photo of your place


€ 20 / month

€ 200 / year

All features from Free

Unlimited menus

Welcome message

Contact details

Opening hours

Social media links

Photos of your items

Specialised Wine categories

Specialised Beer categories

Multilingual support

Up to 1 additional member


€ 40 / month

€ 400 / year

Everything from Free

Everything from Premium

Email orders from your menu

Up to 3 additional members

  • Can I show / hide parts of my menu?
    Yes you can. Included in our Core (Free) functionality is the ability to show / hide entire menus, categories or individual items. You can easily re-enable them once they become available again. This way you can ensure that your menu is always "fresh" and shows your customers the items they can actually order.
  • Can I offer my menu in multiple languages?
    Yes you can. Using our Premium packages you can translate your menu to multiple languages and allow your customers to browse your menu in the language they feel more comfortable with. You can choose which languages your menu appears in from the app.
  • Do you create a QR code for my menu?
    Yes, we do. Once you add your Business (we call it Place) in your account we automatically create a QR code menu for you. You can choose to Print your QR code directly from our app or download it and process it with your favourite program.
  • How many photos can I add?
    With our Premium packages you get access to the feature that enables uploading photos to your menu. There is no restriction to the number of photos you can upload to your Premium menu.
  • Can I delete my account?
    Yes you can. Just reach out to us via the Help section of the app - so that we know which account you wish to delete. We will manage the deletion of your account and your menu will no longer be available for customers. Please note that if you have a paid-for subscription we will still need to maintain part of your data so that we can properly attribute your payment.
  • How many accounts can I create?
    Every account is associated with a unique email address.
  • What if I need multiple accounts?
    Currently each account can only be associated with one person and one business. If you wish to create menus for multiple of your businesses do reach out to us so that we can discuss your needs, setup and pricing.
  • Can I try Premium before paying for the subscription?
    Yes. You will still need to provide the details of your bank account and create a subscription but you will not be charged for 15 days! You can cancel at any point within the 15 day window without being charged at all.
  • How do you charge for your service?
    We currently offer 3 different options for using 1. Free With the Free version you can create your own Online menu and use the core functionality of Things like adding categories and items, prices and management of availability for your menu are all included in the Free version. 2. Premium Our Premium version is a paid-for subscription that you can enable at any point. You can choose between the Yearly (saver) option or the Monthly subscription and you can instantly get access to advanced menu features like unlimited menus, photos for your items, multilingual support, specialised categories and a number of features that introduce your menu to your customers like you working hours, social media accounts and contact details. 3. Premium+ Our Premium+ version is also a paid-for subscription that offers all the features from Premium and Free and allows you to accept email orders directly from your menu whilst your customers are browsing your catalogue.
  • How do renewals work?
    Once you have setup your subscription renewals will happen automatically on the date designated by the package you have selected (monthly or yearly).
  • Can I cancel a paid-for subscription?
    Yes you can. If you cancel within the first 15 days of using one of the paid-for subscriptions you won't be charged anything as these days are on us! If you cancel after your payment has been made, your subscription will be cancelled and you will be able to continure to use for the entire period you have paid for (either the remainder of your month or year).
  • Can I try the Premium+ subscription?
    Yes you can ! By default we offer all of our new customers 30 days of free Premium+ to allow you to explore our features and decide which package best suits your needs and the needs of your business. After that if you don't choose one of the paid-for packages you will be downgraded to use the Free version of the service with only the core functionality available.
  • Can I upgrade from Free to Premium or Premium+?
    Yes, you can always upgrade from the Free version to the Premium or Premium+ and get access to all of the advanced features.
  • I am looking for a feature that you don't mention
    We would love to hear about features that you would like to use. If we don't mention a feature yet on our website it could be because we don't support it or it's in development at the moment. Do reach out to us via the Contact us section to let us know so that we can share more details with you.
  • Need more help
    If you need more help or didn't find the answer to the question you were looking for - please use the contact us form to reach out. We would be happy to help.

Get started today

It only takes a few moments to get started plus you get 30 days of Free Premium+ on us!

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