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Your online, digital QR code menu can be available in just a few minutes!

It's simple to use both for you and your customers. With no extra-installs required and no PDF downloads or uploads your menu is always "fresh" for your customers.


You can easily maintain your entire menu in a digital form by choosing from a list of modern, flexible features. From instant updates, to photos of your items and multilingual support you can setup your online menu exactly as you like it. 


You can create your menu is 3 simple steps


Add your place

Create your account and add your place details by logging in to our platform using your Google or Facebook login.


Add your menus

Add your menus, categories and items. You can show your prices in your local currency, add photos and more.


Print your codes

Print your QR codes and get your digital menu to your customers in no-time.

A variety of modern features to choose from

Simple to use features that allow you to build a menu for your customers that you can update an any time from your desktop or mobile device.



Fast, easy and instant updates

Everything gets updated in real-time. As soon as you make a change it is immediately available to your customers. Use our features to easily add things like daily specials and to hide items you run out of.

Add unlimited categories and items to better organise your menu

Delete items that you no longer wish to offer

Easily reorder your menus, categories and items

Instantly show/hide items depending on availability in a few clicks



Theme and style your menu

Your menu can be customised so that it better matches the branding of your business. 

Upload a photo of your Place to be the header for your menu

Choose from a range of preset menu colors the one that best matches your business branding

Match the color to the photo of your Place for a delightful visual effect



Friendly to your Vegan & Vegetarian customers

Dietary preferences can be very important for your customers. Help your Vegan & Vegetarian customers to easily filter your menu for the items that they can actually consume.

Easily mark which items are suitable for vegans or vegetarians

The items will appear with special symbols on your menu that your customers can easily see

Your menu will also show special toggles that your customers can use to quickly filter only the items they can consume


Premium / Premium+

Multilingual support

If you have customers from different countries it is important to offer your menu in the language(s) your customers mostly use. 

Set the primary language for your menu

Select any number of additional languages you wish to support

Translate your items and allow your customers to easily switch to the language they are most comfortable with


Premium / Premium+

Additional members

Making it even easier to manage your menu, you have the option to add additional people in your account. Your partner, manager or staff members can:

Update the details of your place

Update your menus, categories, items and translations

Update the style of your menu, add photos and special categories

And don't worry - you are still the only one who can manager your subscription and payment details.



Easily accept email orders

Speed up your service by allowing your customers to place an order directly from your menu.

Enable or disable online ordering with the click of a button

Allow your customers to message you directly from your menu

Enable your customers to select the items they would like to order

Receive the orders and messages directly to your email address

Get started today

It only takes a few moments to get started plus you get 30 days of Free Premium+ on us!

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