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Additional members are now available !

Managing your menu just got even easier. With our new collaborator feature you are able to share the management of your menu with the people you trust.

You can now add additional members to your account that can help you manage your menu
Member feaure released

With our new feature you are able to add people to your account that can help you manage your menu 🎉.

Think of your trusted partner, store manager or staff that knows your business and know which items are currently available for your customers to order.

By adding them to your account they are able to:

  • Update your menus and categories

  • Update your items, change prices and add translations

  • Show / hide items that are not available right now for your customers to order

  • Style your menu and add photos

How it works

Managing who has access to your menu is very easy. All you need to do is invite the person by adding their email address.

The person will receive an email with an invite link. Once they click on the link and accept your invite they are immediately added to your menu with partial access to your account.

And don't worry you still have full control of your subsription and payment data as you are the only person who can update these details on your account.

Try it out

This feature is available on both our Premium and Premium+ packages.

On the Premium package you can add one additional member and on the Premium+ you can add up to 3 additional members to the account.


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