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Email orders are now available!

Take your menu to the next level by allowing your customers to use their table number to send their order directly to your email address!

The online menu has the option to add items to your order by clicking on them.
Easily add orders to your online menu

With the Premium+ package you can now accept email orders from your customers. Once you have upgraded you can easily turn the Email Orders feature On or Off. If it is the end of the day for example and you have made a call for last orders you can disable receiving orders from your menu until the next day.

Your customer's email orders will include all their items exactly as they are listed on your menu. To make it easier to view the order all items are placed into the menus and categories you have provided.

From the Order page your customers will be able to see which items they have included in their order and they can also remove items if they no longer wish to include them.

The Message box at the bottom of the order page can be used for any additional requests like specifying how a steak should be cooked or if any additional tap water may be needed for the table.

And of course the Orders work seamlessly with your the rest of the features of your menu as they integrate nicely to provide the best possible customer experience.


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